Maximize your 4 Es: Empower, Encourage, Elevate and Expand


Maximize your 4 Es: Empower, Encourage, Elevate and Expand


by Dr. Glenda Lawrence- Knight on 02/20/17

I am SUPER excited about an opportunity to encourage people to meditate. It’s such a simple process yet very rewarding. Meditation influences restoration in one’s life in areas of deficiency. Since starting in 1999, after completing an Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Seminar , meditation has made such a huge difference in my life.  Therefore I am again, super excited to share this self empowering life changing therapeutic technique with everyone. If anyone is desiring (1) Inner peace; (2) a greater self-awareness; (3) an increase in patience and calmness; (4) an increase in inspiration; (5) an aid with insomnia; (6) an increase with one’s spiritual connection; (7) self-control; (8) mind clearing and or (9) a renewed sense of direction, then meditation is your vehicle in securing the above areas.  I am encouraging people to meditate every single day.

MEDITATION definitely works but you must start and be consistent and persistent as you are conditioning your mind to a new way of life. Perfect the basics. At AA/NA, they use the slogan: IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT AND YOU LIVE IT EVERYDAY!!! Same for MEDITATION.


1. First focus on a safe location: outside, beach, bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.

2. Prepare aids that you will use: music, dim lights/candles, stress ball, oils, etc

3. Prepare your body (positioning): relaxing your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, etc whether you are standing, lying and or sitting. Get 100% comfortable before beginning meditation (uninterrupted). Whatever thought is on your mind, let it go as you are relaxing your body. JUST LET IT ALL GO!!!

4. Begin focusing on your breathing: Spend at least one minute simply observing your natural breathing pattern, keeping your attention on the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen, the way the air passes through your nostrils and throat or the feeling of exhaling through your gently parted lips. Effortlessly, your breathing will begin to get slower on its own accord. Next, you will deepen your breathing, with total focus…..inhale through your nose slowly using a count of eight, then slowly exhale from the pit of your stomach using the same count of eight. This pattern will keep the breathing even and gives your body an oxygen boost which further relaxes you. Continue this process….

(5) If a thought does pop into your mind throughout the session, just remind yourself everything is fine and all will resolve just as it should. Take comfort in knowing that after your meditation session, you can spend time thinking about whatever you’d like, but now is NOT the time. For this reason, meditators are encourage to ensure they are in an uninterrupted location/place.

In closing, those who are just getting started, it’s quite common for people to experience restlessness or a moment of discomfort during the initial meditation breathing technique effects. This is the body’s way of either releasing built up stress and tension or resisting the relaxation because it is so used to being high-strung and on-the-go. Rest assure that if you STICK WITH IT, the benefits will be worthwhile as you become calmer, more comfortable, and more confident each day you practice.  GET STARTED AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE WORLD!!!