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LADY ^  is a therapeutic mentoring program established in 2014 by Alexandra Marie Knight (Alex) under the umbrella of T.I.P.S., INC.  Alex is an affable teenager who enjoys celebrating and laughter. Alex shared a vision of a program solely for girls and after a few awkward in-depth brain storming sessions,  Alex & Dr. Knight landed on a service to empower and nurture pre teens and teenage girls ages 8-19.  

                                           "It takes a village to raise a child!!!!!"

To collaborate with parents in developing and sustaining character, academic excellence, positive peer associations, benevolence and spirituality. 

That every young lady who joins and completes the program will live as positive role models. To duplicate and implement a MAN ^ program in 2017.   

"In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success." Proverbs 3:6

LADY ^  is fortunate to have gained the support of a few extraordinary women whom adamantly share in the desire to make a difference in the lives of young girls.  These inspirational role models will serve as Trained Professional Mentors (TPM) to the program by which they are required to  complete 10 hours of orientation as well as sustain 10 hours of continuing education surrounding Youth Development.  Thus, TPMs are asked to contribute a small donation to the ongoing development of the program $10.00 monthly. 

LADY ^ meets every 4th Saturday at noon unless otherwise specified in advance. The young ladies will be exposed to self-empowering activities, educational seminars/trainings, participate in outings that will foster benevolence while grooming healthy emotional, mental, and socially strong independent young ladies.  The young ladies are required to complete three phases of the program that include:  admission orientation, individual & team development.   

  Alex Knight 
Please DONATE to the ongoing development of this program.  We thank you in advance.  No amount is too small.  
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