All services are cash payments via various options
*A sliding scale rate is available for those with evidence of an economic need*

                Individual & Group Coaching sessions
Are intensive sessions available to youth and adults and is offered within one's natural environment, cyber and or community. Primary sessions include:  Grief & Clinical Wellness, Anger Management & Meditation,  Building Healthier Relationships & Lifestyles.  Initial screening are FREE  which allows us to determine the level of service that is most appropriate. Sessions consist of three levels: (1) Basic- once a week for 8 weeks; (2) Advance- twice a week for 12 weeks or (3) Intensive- three times per week for 16 weeks.  A minimal of 5 attendees is required for group sessions. A certificate, an aftercare sustainability plan and a survey will accompany completion. Inquire about the excellent discount bonuses.  


                         Behavioral Management 
Services are offered in natural environments, the community and any educational setting starting as early as head start programs, daycare, public/private schools, afterschool, etc. This is a service offered  to families and educators of students experiencing academic and or behavioral distress. T.I.P.S. staff serve as advocates, facilitators and or liaisons in maintaining an functional educational component. This service is also offered to college students who are experiencing academic distress and may be in need of consultation as it relates to environmental acclimation, reports, term-papers, thesis, dissertation, ghost writing, article critiques, test prep and or semester planning. This service is invoiced by the number of sessions and or per task determined during the screening process
              Community, Professional & Online Trainings 
Are also offered monthly with frequent discount bonuses that include early bird specials and holiday packages. A certificate and survey will accompany completion. The following are a few topics that continue to be in high demand:      

      (1)  Stress Management                               (2)  Cognitive Transformation
       (3)  Conflict Resolution/meditation              (4)  Understanding & Addressing Depression
       (5)  Parenting Success                                  (6)  Bonding with a Defiant Child
       (7)  ADHD: A Four Step Intervention          (8)  Overcoming Defeat
                    (9) Resumes/Cover Letters/Interview TIPS/Curriculum Vitae

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Basic is for first time referrals who have never been in treatment or never completed a full course of treatment. Advanced is for those who have recieved services at least once not to exceed two occassions for the same referral concern. Intensive would be for those who have exceeded two service completions for the same referral concern.